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investors, and help restructure the economy. the defense budget has seen double digit growth almost every year since 1989, and that will continue. this year's defense spending will increase by more than 12% to about $130 billion. li said the government will do more to address concerns about pollution, and the wealth gap. >> translator: air, water and soil pollution is severe in some places. and the task of conserving energy and reducing emissions remains arduous. >> reporter: and he promised the government will severely punish public servants and others involved in corruption. after the session we asked some delegates about li's report. >> translator: i think the campaign against corruption should be more tightened up. it's also set out in report. only in doing so the government could do its own duty. >> this i think is a basement, there will be some problem. so we need to do things step by step. >> let's now talk more about the government work report. nhk world kyoko fujita spent the day going through it. let's start by talking about the 7.5% economic growth target. what's behind the dec
in five years he had a korea's defense minister at the talks to god almighty said agriculture committees from both chambers of parliament adopted a resolution urging the government to maintain the tax he said negotiators from other nations understand that japan situation but he said that does not exempt or pan from taking action ahmadi said negotiators are urging japan to work toward a high level of trade liberalization. japanese trade officials plan to resume working level talks with the us soon. they hope to achieve a breakthrough before president barack obama visits japan in april the prices on wall street pulled back slightly on tuesday market sentiment was dampened by the league a series of us economic data which were weaker than most estimates the dow jones industrial average lost. i just bought a fifth of a percent to end at sixteen thousand one hundred seventy nine. what's the latest on the japanese markets in the gut seemingly at the chicken stock exchange illegal mining high the market starting the training session today twenty nine stocks are trading lower. and the opening lev
self defense force will hold more joint drills with the u s marine corps to strengthen its amphibious ahanistan and sn and outside the prefecture on sunday. incidentally drills on a regimen that is tasked with protecting remote islands. the training was based on the scenario of landing on an island after anatomy and patient. james jump from helicopters and chopped or rather both strikers at queensland's eight. i'm in china think the same ad ten activities the defense ministry is planning to set up a three thousand member team. and japan's ability to quickly take back an island that has seen in faded. i'd like to treat troops to return to school with the us marine costs and uncertainty. and as he heads to set up a team as soon as possible. a masterpiece by the japanese at the kiel an artist and art the monarch has resurfaced after more than sixty eight the semi area's best man for his portraits of the beautiful women that were used to make her feel a wood block grants. note the net and got his two meters high and three point five meters wide. it's believed to date from the early ninete
a source at ukraine's defense ministry. he said the commander of the black sea fleet issued an ultimatum to surrender. an official from the russian navy denied the report. oleksandr turchinov warned people in crimea not to react to provocations. >>> the united states is hoping diplomacy and the threat of sanctions will help settle the crisis in crimea. u.s. president barack obama has referred to statements by nato and the group of seven industrialized country that strongly condemn russia. he says he'll continue diplomatic efforts but also suggested other options. >> if, in fact, they continue on the current trajectory that they're on, that we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will ice late russia. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry and assistant secretary of state victoria nuland, will both visit the ukrainian capital of kiev on tuesday. the u.s. defense department says it is suspending military exchange programs with russia. such contacts are aimed at reducing the chance of an emergency resulting from a misunderstanding. the announcement came as russia
restructure the economy. the defense budget has seen double digit growth almost every year since nineteen eighty nine and that will continue. this year's defense spending will increase by more than twelve percent to about one hundred thirty billion dollars. he said that bettman will do more to address concerns about pollution and the wealth gap. she and water and soil condition is severe in some places. the cost of conserving energy and reducing emissions remains on tues and a promise that guy will severely punish servants and others involved in corruption. after the session. yes some delegates about these reports a team. i think the campaign against corruption should be more tightened up. it's also set out to report. i believe doing so. the company could hear the tone changes. he's the khaki it is a cd the basement. the finale of the most of them all. even knowing it will be some problem. atkinson we need to he too seems to us that the sun talk more about the government work report any state will still pull for scott has spent a day going through it to double its the bike talking about t
this not drilled to test the combat readiness of the troops defense minister sergei show again said the exercises would not lead to what's happening in ukraine. biden said military commanders are taking measures to ensure the security of the black sea fleet and the freedoms based and sent us to hold a pro russian city in southern ukraine. us secretary of state john kerry warned pretend to respect ukraine sovereignty he said the us and russia did not need to get into what he called and told the court in cold war confrontation. residents of the eastern and southern ukraine maintain strong ties with lash out. this in the last one to move closer to your out. nato defence ministers asking them to keep the country in one piece this is from twenty eight member countries met at the headquarters in brussels they issued a statement commending the ukrainian armed forces for not intervening in the crisis facing nato allies will continue to support ukrainian sovereignty independence and territorial integrity. they see there is a key factors in the stability of central and eastern europe. i would say this demo
and maritime interests they're likely to maintain the new concession stands the defense budget. the key question is whether the annual double digit expansion will be maintained security at the venue is tighter than usual after a recent mass stabbing attack in southwest china the conversational and thursday next week and i. is the prime minister then jen in a tiny hair is standing his ground over a peace deal with the palestinians. us officials want the two sides to reach an agreement by the end of april. us president obama met with nate and andrew at the white house and warned that time is running out. obama or state any added to make some concessions. but in the desert in. the these negotiations with the level of seriousness and commitment what's your readership. this goes beyond doing its part to say that the palestinians the celtics made it to seek a compromise in negotiations with palestinian president mahmoud abbas of us will visit washington later this month. officials with the international chemical arms once don say more than one third of the serious chemical agents who have le
defense ministry officials say north korea has fired four missiles towards the sea of japan. they say the missiles were launched at around five forty pm local time on thursday from the eastern cool coastal city of one son in a north easterly direction they say the missiles are thought to have a range of more than two hundred km. south korean and us troops began joint military exercises on monday analysts suggested the possibility of provocations on the part of the north as pyongyang has condemned the drill. the us and south korea are watching closely for further actions from the north. a group of south koreans who they say were forced to work as a wartime fact region and have filed a lawsuit. they are demanding compensation from their former employer fourth plane has filed the suit on thursday and the district court in the southern city of one jew they're asking for about five hundred and sixty thousand dollars for mitsubishi heavy industries the former workers say they were forced to engage in a large labor when their nation was under japanese colonial rule. the lawsuit is the seven
. >> reporter: nato defense ministers say they support ukraine's territory and sovereignty. ukrainian lawmakers will vote on approving the new cabinet later on thursday. but the new leaders will have to face severe domestic divisions. the country's ousted president is now on an international wanted list. the whole world is paying close attention to events in the former soviet republic. chi aki ishikawa, nhk world. >>> the head of nato is warning about another hot spot, afghanistan. the country's president hamid karzai has not agreed to let u.s. troops stay in his country beyond the end of the year. anders fogh rasmussen say they may have to wait to get approval from karzai's successor. >> it may well be that president karzai won't sign, but i hope, i expect a new president to sign because a lot is at stake. >> rasmussen said if the two sides can't reach an agreement, all nato troops will withdraw. karzai is reported to have said he cannot sign a deal until peace negotiations with the taliban have begun. afghans will go to the polls in april to elect a new president. u.s. president barack obama
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9